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#HowIPromote is a special that seeks to show the entrepreneurial stories of the 5 special guests. Each one of them, in their sector, will talk a little about their beginnings, their mentors, their process and how they promote their brand, the latter being the central theme of this audiovisual”

The objective of this new special is: “generate support material for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and people interested in promoting their brand and publicize their products and services.

We hope that the work we do is a support for those who need guidance, because that is what we are looking for. As our promise of value in Estrategias Inc says: “We make things happen”.

Entrevista Sulma Arizala
Entrevista a Juan Buenaventura
Entrevista a Alejandro Marín
Entrevista Mónica Barrios
Entrevista Sebastián Contreras